MBR Engenharia Ltda. is a basic engineering company (full service engineering associated with others companies) for chemical industries. Established in 06/25/2002, it provides the development services for an extensive range of projects within the area of phosphate. Specialized in phosphoric acid, phosphate fertilizer and animal nutrition technology, we have a technical staff with years of experience in process engineering development, plant audits, technical and economical feasibility studies, estimating, and basic engineering and design. Our capability and experience is available to organize and manage projects from inception trough basic engineering and start up.

This experience has resulted in a high level of technical expertise, which brings the best results to the areas of efficiency, safety, environment and operational know-how.

Present in projects in Brazil, India, Argentina, South Africa, Venezuela, Morocco, Senegal, our headquarter is in Santos, São Paulo - Brazil.



Performance Areas


We offer full engineering and project management services to clients in the chemical industrial and secondary processing sectors, from process development and design to plant commissioning and start-up. We also offer full services in instrumentation and automation of industrial processes across all its sectors of activity.

 Our primary markets are:


- Fertilizers;

- Chemical ;

- Oil and Gas;

 Environmental, Health & Safety

- Water Supply;

- Waste Water Treatment;

 - Treatment of Industrial Residues;

 - Treatment of Atmospheric Emissions.





The range of services offered by MBR Engenharia Ltda. mainly includes:


·         Scientific and Specialty Consulting;

·         Technology Evaluations;

·         Economic Feasibility Studies;

·         Due-diligence and Plant Audits;

·         Project Management and Planning;

·         Project Estimating and Cost Control;

·         Definition of Basic Criteria for Project and the Standards of Engineering;

·         Basic Engineering for the following operations: Process, Mechanical, Piping, Instrumentation;

·         Project Coordination, Supervision and Management of Construction, General Contracting, Start up & Commissioning;

·         Procurement Services - including supplier prequalification, purchases and inspection.



Types of Contract


To achieve a more flexible management policy, we offer our clients different working contracts, as the options below:


·       Lump Sum or Fixed Price System;

·       Payment over Administration;

·       Workforce Hiring for Project Services*. 


*The workforce hiring for project services will be established by a mutual agreement with the client.

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